The TERRA DELYSSA brand from CHO GROUP is the pride of Tunisians, winning a silver medal at this year’s edition of “World’s Best Olive Oil 2020”, the most selective olive oil quality competition in the world.

This medal is added to the long list of awards won by the brand, in particular that of “Product of the year 2019” in Germany, “Flavor of the year 2018” in France, or the National Quality Award in 2015.

All these distinctions are ipso facto a response to the various campaigns of denigration suffered by Tunisian olive oils, through the authentic taste of a high-end product in full compliance with the strictest international standards.

A Tunisian oil, a Tunisian label …

Who could have bet that Tunisian olive oil, which since the era of Dido was the source of all covetousness, and which remained until the mid-1990s, a prisoner of olive oil marks of all kinds? ‘first except Tunisian, in 20 years would barely break free from these dogmas and establish itself in the world markets with local brands bearing the Tunisian flag in several countries and in the most prestigious agri-food brands ?

Mr Abdelaziz Makhloufi, founder of CHO GROUP in 1996, had this dream.

A profession passed down from father to son

Son of a farmer and inspired with a love for the land and particularly for the olive tree, the CEO and founder of CHO GROUP started from a mill to make it 20 years later one of the most powerful olive groups in the world, and this in a market where competition is fierce, especially from traditional global producers. They see with the emergence of Tunisian olive oil in the global bottled market and its adoption by the consumer, a shortfall that they previously believed to be an eternal achievement..

“Tunisian olive oil remained until the mid-90s exported exclusively in bulk and therefore colonized in the bottles of the world’s largest producers. It was time to release her and reconcile her with her origin. And the only way to achieve this was to create a place for the bottle of olive oil “made in Tunisia” in the biggest international brands and impose it on the world market “, revealed Mr. Abdelaziz Makhloufi. It is by cultivating these principles that the epic of CHO GROUP was born.

TERRA DELYSSA® : an oil that rivals

Present in 42 countries with several brands, notably with its flagship brand TERRA DELYSSA®, millions of bottles are sold annually for export, thus raising the flag of our dear homeland high.

Its unique taste, attractive design and transparency on its origin have earned it first place in Canada, third in France and among the top 10 in the United States.

What a pleasure to see, today, families in the four corners of the world knowing Tunisia through its olive oil! What a joy to see stars and top athletes adopt Tunisian olive oil for a healthy and balanced diet! Yet unrecognized by the general public for years, CHO GROUP, through TERRA DELYSSA®, has allowed branded olive oil “made in Tunisia” to enter homes, in all its glory.

IBM Food Trust come to TERRA DELYSSA®

However, CHO GROUP does not end here. Always in a visionary and revolutionary logic, authenticity and high technology are married to make TERRA DELYSSA® the first mass market olive oil in the world fully traceable via the food blockchain. A further step towards total transparency which allows consumers to follow the genesis of their oil in real time.

In fact, in partnership with IBM Food Trust, all the production stages of TERRA DELYSSA® are transcribed, traced and stored in a tamper-proof database accessible by a simple scan of the QR code present on the bottle. This initiative is part of the group’s strategy to aim for better eating.

All this makes CHO GROUP a worthy ambassador of Tunisia through its green gold and which has earned it the status of approved economic operator since 2019. This status, which is only granted to the most reliable operators, positions it as a “trusted company” on an international level.

A responsible group

In addition to being a major global player in the green gold business, CHO GROUP remains a citizen group that has demonstrated its societal and environmental commitment.

This commitment is manifested in particular in the reiteration of its support for Tunisian farmers and millers, but also in the various forms of awareness-raising about “good conduct” practices, of which he is the initiator.

This is the case, for example, with the various training courses organized by the group with a view to highlighting quality standards and the involvement and importance of each link in the chain in the production process. CHO GROUP is also committed to putting in place a sustainable development strategy which is essentially based on new plantations for the minimization of its carbon footprint and the promotion of investments in regional development areas for the creation of new employment and wealth opportunities.

“The place our bottle occupies on the shelf is certainly the fruit of continuous work by the human capital of CHO GROUP, but it is also the fruit of the invaluable assistance of our Tunisian administration and of our client partners, supplier partners and financial partners. We continually question ourselves with the objective of improving our services, cultivating even more the love of consumers for Tunisian products and carrying the flag of our dear homeland high all over the world ; positioning naturally deserved by Tunisia.

Working with our colleagues to anchor the Tunisian origin on the international market is certainly a priority but our ultimate priority remains the preservation of this country by strengthening our social responsibility towards our environment, our partners and our human capital.

Source : leaders