Our commitments

The CHO GROUP is committed to the implementation of a sustainable development strategy which is based primarily on the control of the quality and safety of its products, the protection of the environment and the guarantee of health and well-being of staff in all GROUPE CHO sites.

We have therefore adopted a process of continuous improvement of our practices, products and our supply chain. This approach is based on the following levers :


The implementation of a Quality Management System ISO 9001 standard in all the entities of the CHO GROUP allow the organization, the structuring and the functioning of the various entities and the perfect synchronization with all interested parties to ensure the satisfaction of CHO GROUP customers.

Safety Products

Guaranteeing the safety of our products throughout the food chain : Our sites have a Hazard Assessment and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program in place that complies with the requirements of ISO 22000, IFS FOOD and BRC standards FOOD.

Health and security at work

Ensuring safe workplaces is about how we create a safe, healthy and motivating work environment that ensures the sustainability of our group. This results in the implementation of an occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 standard. Thus, the occupational health and safety of our employees are the most worrying at GROUPE CHO. Protection against incidents is provided by undertaking the necessary security training, adhering to processes and protocols, and empowering our people in the field to contribute to improvement of the process.

Social responsibility and sustainable sourcing

In order to detail its objectives and actions related to the environmental and social responsibility of its supplies, GROUPE CHO has adopted a sustainable procurement policy which aims to protect and conserve biodiversity through the promotion of purchases of organic olives and oils from certified suppliers and the improvement of the production of olives and olive oils according to the organic mode. Our goal is to protect the resources on which our group depends, by promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices throughout our supply chain


Control of the environmental aspects linked to the activities of GROUPE CHO sites and the protection of the environment are reflected in the establishment of an Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard which makes it possible to identify the costs, better control waste and participate in the preservation of natural resources and non-renewable energies. In order to control the environmental impact of its activities, the CHO GROUP has set up the following entities for the valuation of by-products of the olive activity :

• Pomace oil extraction sites for collecting olive pomace, the main olive oil extraction : « waste and mills » to extract crude olive pomace oil.
• The GROUPE CHO refinery to improve the characteristics of lampante oils and crude pomace oils from extraction sites in order to make them edible.
• The Soap factory which uses olein (by-product of refining) for the manufacturing of soap.
• The Green Charcoal unit