Cosmetics and hygiene

La Savonnerie is a subsidiary of GROUPE CHO, whose specialty is the manufacture of cosmetic products. Formulas and finalized samples are systematically checked and tested under dermatological and / or usage control by accredited laboratories.
All products are subject to a safety assessment according to European regulations, established by an accredited toxicologist expert.

The manufacturing process keeps in the finished product all the ingredients and beneficial components present in the oil (glycerin).


33 M
Annual production of solid soaps

⦁ Making soap-based products
⦁ Cosmetic products based on olive oil
⦁ Cooking in a cauldron
⦁ Products without preservatives
⦁ Natural products, Vegan, Organic, 100% vegetable …


La Savonnerie has a wide range of products :
Solid products

⦁ Conventional Soaps : Based on olive oil
⦁ Aleppo Soaps : A special unit has been set up for the manufacture of solid soap according to the Aleppo tradition

Two complete lines equipped with grinders, extruders, plodders, cutters and molders.

Liquid products

⦁ Liquid Soaps and Shower Soaps
⦁ Other Liquid Products (Shampoos, Hand Gels …)

Two complete automatic lines for packaging and labeling bottles, a semi-automatic filling machine and a filling-tubing machine.


Solid Soaps

⦁ Cutaneous tolerance : non-irritant (patch tests)
⦁ Eye irritation potential : practically non-irritant to mildly irritant
⦁ Hydration : Significant increase in the level of hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis at + 4 hours
⦁ Suitable for sensitive skin
⦁ Dermatological use tests for dry skin : Excellent results

Liquid Soaps

⦁ Cutaneous tolerance : non-irritant (patch tests)
⦁ Eye irritation potential : practically non-irritant to mildly irritant
⦁ Dermatological use tests for dry skin : Excellent results

Product manufacturing

⦁ We carry out in our laboratory all raw material controls in process of manufacture and finished products.
⦁ Our sample library allows us to keep our samples for 3 years.
⦁ Optimal monitoring of the quality of manufactured products is ensured by a system of controls and self-controls.

Product advantages

The advantages of the Savonnerie de Carthage factory products are :
⦁ Natural of plant origin
⦁ Olive oil based (Soap Base)
⦁ Enriched with olive oil (Plant surfactant base)
⦁ Rich in glycerin
⦁ Without preservative (Soap bases)
We also have the possibility to manufacture organic items

Packaging types

⦁ Flow pack
⦁ Stretch film
⦁ Standard pack (Stiffener + Paper / Complex)
⦁ Case or Carton box
⦁ Tube packaging
⦁ Bottle + Pump
⦁ Bottle + Cap

6 , 5 M
Soap and cosmetic products production capacity


⦁ Savonnerie de Carthage is ISO 9001 ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified
⦁ La Savonnerie is ECOCERT and COSMOS certified for organic and ecological products by ECOCERT GREENLIFE
⦁ Savonnerie de Carthage complies with REACH standards
⦁ We apply the international rules of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in accordance with the ISO 22716 standard
⦁ Savonnerie de Carthage is IFS HPC certified.


A regulatory monitoring is ensured by various tools including a subscription to COSMED which provides continuous access to information adapted to the regulatory requirements of the cosmetics industry (ingredients, labeling, etc.) on a day-to-day basis.