Charcoal production based on olive pomace


In line with its logic of valuing by-products and creating added value, the CHO GROUP has set up a biomass production unit in the form of charcoal made from olive pomace with a capacity of 6000 tons / year.

Consumer products made from olive biomass are a new segment. Olive biomass is a versatile and abundant material that can be successfully converted to other types of solid energy carriers like pellets, briquettes for heating.

Each briquette is produced using a hydraulic press of the brand RUF, world leader in briqueting machines for 40 years.
The process consists of compressing the dry olive biomass and sawdust without chemicals or binders in the form of briquettes at hand.

Heating briquettes offer clean use and long-lasting combustion. Sawdust provides heat with great calorific value, pomace offers significant durability of combustion which reaches 6 hours.


6 000
Coal production capacity

⦁ Ecological, composed only of olive pomace and densified wood, without any addition of glue or steam or additives

⦁ Obtained by means of a hydraulic press of the RUF brand : world leader for 40 years in the manufacture of "briqueting machines"

⦁ With a very high calorific value

⦁ A durabilité de combustion de 6 h 

⦁ With Gradual and regular combustion until a temperature of 700 ° C is obtained in the center (very high energy and calorific power)

⦁ With humidity less than 10%

⦁ Clean, space-saving storage and easy to use

There is no dirt, no dust, no bugs and each part is perfectly sized for easy and clean handling.