Olive oils filling


⦁ Our olive oil filling lines have a cumulative production capacity of 70,000 bottles per hour.

⦁ Our vegetable oil filling lines have a cumulative production capacity of 5,000 bottles per hour.

⦁ Our flexibility allows us to package the oil in all types of packaging and meet the specific requirements of our customers around the world.

⦁ Our packaging area contains 9 filling lines for olive oils of different capacities and two filling lines for vegetable oils.

⦁ The oil filling lines are equipped with equipment for blowing inert compressed air into the containers, filling and capping the bottled oil. All the components are controlled by an automat to ensure the adjustment of every detail of production.

⦁ Operators are trained and sensitized for the monitoring and assurance of product safety at all stages of its manufacture.


Before entering the oil packaging area, there are a few rules to follow in this entry SAS

⦁ Wearing a headdress, blouse and shoes

⦁ Dynamic display and continuous awareness of good hygienic practices applicable in the plant for employees and visitors

⦁ Importance of bodily cleanliness and hand washing at all stages (before, during and after taking up duties)

⦁ Sophisticated equipment and installations in terms of compliance with Good Hygiene Practices

⦁ Efforts made to ensure favorable working conditions and the assurance of employee safety

⦁ Control of the working environment through daily inspections and specific air quality analysis

⦁ The CHO GROUP laboratories carry out checks and analysis on all materials and products present on the site

⦁ CHO GROUP has implemented the blockchain solution on its flagship brands, thus allowing traceability of the entire production process from field to bottle.

⦁ The control is carried out on three main levels: on receipt of materials, during manufacture, and before shipment of finished products

⦁ All inputs are controlled upon entry into our laboratories via physical, chemical and microbiological controls

⦁ Our suppliers are engaged with us in a partnership relationship to ensure the necessary controls on their part and comply with the standards applied by the group.

⦁ Self-checks carried out by line operators, and surveillance checks carried out by quality control agents.

⦁ Clearly defined responsibilities and authorities for the release of materials and products at all levels with personalized stamps and stamps

⦁ We carry out analyses in the laboratory of CHO GROUP accredited and approved for physicochemical and organoleptic analyzes of olive oil and inter-laboratory tests are carried out regularly with the aim of improving skills.

⦁ Each packaged finished product is defined according to an internal number of the (LOT) made up of the oil batch number, the batch number of the container (bottle, can, etc.), the batch number of the stopper and the batch number of the filtration technological aid in direct contact with the finished products

70 000
bottles / hour
Filling capacity


⦁ Storage areas for packaging and finished products provide storage organized by zone and type of product : labels, palletizing tools, containers, and finished products.

⦁ Inputs (packaging and raw materials) and finished products are stored separately

⦁ Our storage capacity for materials and finished products goes hand in hand with our production capacity which is maintained by efficient management thanks to our ERP.

⦁ Application of the rules of good practice in terms of storage and rotation of stocks according to the FIFO rule

⦁ The finished products are classified in order of priority for dispatch according to the orders and the agreed delivery times.


The oils are stored in stainless steel tanks guaranteeing the preservation of the quality of the oils (physicochemical parameters) under favorable conditions: controlled temperature, oil stored away from light, tanks in sufficient size and number.

30 000
Storage capacity