The brand takes its name from Queen Elyssa, founder and first queen of ancient Carthage, in 814 BC.
Elyssa (Dido) flees Tire, southern Phenicia, to escape her brother, King Pygmalion, and assassin of her husband. She fled in the company of a few faithful, taking her country’s agricultural know-how and many “treasures”, such as the olive tree.

Terra Delyssa oils come from reasoned agriculture thanks to a single plantation of olive trees requiring very little water and without pesticides and which makes it possible to fight against deerfication.

An easily identifiable brand : original color codes compared to the market, an engraved bottle that stands out from the rest.

TERRA DELYSSA®, is the first brand on the olive oil sector who set up the blockchain in collaboration with IBM.

We apply the blockchain on the entire portfolio for total transparency  and traceability of the production process.

Terra Delyssa, an internationally know and appreciated brand